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Having been in front of the camera for many years, Gigi always wanted to try her hand at filmmaking. For some reason, the global pandemic seemed like a good time to start ...

The result was 'Same Time Next Week', a short film made entirely over Zoom, with a single person in each location. To add to the challenge, it was conceived, written, cast, shot and edited all within the space of less than 48 hours. The resulting film is a bit of comedy sci-fi fun, filmed during the pandemic but entirely not about the pandemic. 

'Same Time Next Week' has done well on the film festival circuit, screening at over 15 festivals across the US and the UK and winning several awards including Best Sci-Fi Short Film from London's Screen Power Film Festival, Best Screen Story from Zed Fest, and an Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble from the Actors Awards. It also led to Gigi being named Talented New Filmmaker at the North Europe International Film Festival. A more complete list of awards and nominations is on IMDb.

This success spurred Gigi on to make her second short film - 'The Plan' - which was shortlisted in the top three for Mandy's Mini Movie Fest 2021. It is now on the film festivalcircuit and has already won several awards. Gigi wrote, directed, produced and acted in this live-action dark comedy two-hander about anxiety over small things and finding calm in the midst of chaos.

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