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"As an improv and characterization exercise, it's hard to imagine a more compelling challenge for an actor, and Burgdorf nails it… Burgdorf escalates the overreaction with raw precision that makes you feel her genuine hurt …

Give this woman an Emmy."

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"Several enthusiastic fan tweets, such as the one in which @davidvconway wrote, 'Starting my 2023 Emmy campaign for the actress who played fake Tricia in the first episode of The Rehearsal.'"

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Indie Activity

"Since premiering at the competition, 'Same Time Next Week' has garnered several awards and nominations, including Best Sci-Fi Short Film from Screen Power Film Festival (London) and Award of Merit for Short Film and for Women Filmmakers at the IndieFEST Film Awards."

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"Fake Tricia — played by Gigi Burgdorf, so wonderfully uncanny in her mimicry"

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AV Club

"I also want to spotlight the on-the-fly improv work of the two actors who were recruited to play “Fake Tricia” and “Fake Kor” (Gigi Burgdorf and K. Todd Freeman, respectively). Theirs is not an easy task and so much of The Rehearsal hinges on their abilities to make their made-up interactions feel plausible. They’re truly the unsung heroes of this episode."



"Gigi created the film during the pandemic lockdown, using virtual technology and six actors all at different locations."

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